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Explore the charm of renewable energy

BTC-MINING Fintech from Australia serves as the solid backbone of our cloud mining, providing stable computing power and the lowest mining costs for the Skyhash platform powered by renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, water, or natural gas.

They leverage battery storage technology to generate ample mined coins without emitting harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.



Skyhash is revolutionizing the mining industry with a groundbreaking update. We now offer a high-performance public computing platform with low electricity costs, great scalability, and outstanding returns. Our unified system integrates new energy and mining programs while maintaining the SKH token's utility. Our mining ecosystem is ready for growth, fostering a vibrant industry and global community. This transformation drives us towards a decentralized, sustainable future in renewable energy.

SKYHASH has a hosting capacity of 20MW+ One-click cloud mining SOLUTIONS.

Pro ASIC - Bitmain

The platform selects only premium mining machine manufacturers.

Crypto currency mining CPU with graph data

Mining capacity

2024 Max Hosting Capacity = 60MW

Hashrate Under Management = 2.5 EH/s

Global Cloud Hashrate

Mining Farms in Australia 3

Registered Mining ASIC 400+

SKH Solutions

The birth of SKH aims to drive research and development in renewable energy and cloud-based secure system power grids.

SKH inception underscores our ongoing efforts in developing distributed power systems to be more resilient, cost-effective, and zero-carbon emitting.

Our sophisticated blockchain framework is a part of constructing a platform for tracking and trading energy and environmental commodities. This platform is designed to be more streamlined, scalable, and built on cutting-edge technology.

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1. The base price per kilowatt-hour (KW/h) is set at USDT 0.02 for each "SKH".

2. SKH plans to develop a 100-megawatt (MW) power station in Western Australia within three years, utilizing wind, solar, waste-incineration, natural gas, and oil. This power will be entirely dedicated to cryptocurrency mining, producing 990,000 kilowatt-hours and 1,800,000 terahash of computing power.

3. Skyhash's estimated annual revenue is USD 7,227,000 from electricity and USD 6,570,000 from computing power, totaling USD 13,797,000.


Token Tracker: SKYHASH

Token Code: SKH

Total Units: 99,000,000

Smart Contract: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

- 5% Founding team holds (locked for 36 months).

- 5% Research and management team (distributed quarterly over 36 months).

- 70% Platform circulation (unlocked over 36 months based on provided ​electricity and computing power).

- 15% Exchange platform circulation (no lock-in, freely tradable).

- 5% reserved for whitelist applications (locked for 12 months, with 25% ​released 7 days after listing, then 25% every 3 months).

*All locked wallets will have publicly accessible addresses for verification.

SKH - IEO Details

Total Release = 9,900,000 SKH UNITS

1 SKH = USDC 0.02 / 0.000028 BNB

SMART CONTRACT(BEP-20): 0xcA003170865d064002D0ee140d3092EFa60CD74C



Staking: (Accept BNB) 08-07-2024

SKH Whitelist Qualifications:

Option 1: Pledge at least 1 BNB on the Skyhash platform (uncertain amount of SKH, maximum 20 ​BNB with guaranteed minimum of 50,000 SKH).

After 30 days, reclaim pledged BNB and receive SKH airdrop on the platform.

Option 2: Confident investors looking to ensure 100% acquisition of a specific quantity of SKH ​can directly purchase through DEX-TRADE & to participate in the IEO without ​missing out.

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